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Travis LaBerge was one of Boulder's most coveted piano teachers for nearly a decade before founding the Parlando School for the Arts. At one point, he maintained a studio of 60 students a week before administrative obligations required him to begin to cut back on teaching. Today, Travis serves as Executive Director of Parlando and is active in promoting the school's programs and philosophy in the community. Travis also serves on the Board of Trustees for Boulder Country Day School.

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Travis LaBerge Music, LLC (TLM) was founded in 1999 by Travis V. LaBerge. Driven by a desire to create a positive and enjoyable piano learning experience, Travis began offering individualized, age and interest-specific piano lessons to children and adults. The idea of helping people enjoy playing the piano while gaining a strong foundation and understanding of the fundamental elements of music has spread.

What began as a one-person effort with a smattering of students blossomed into a musical movement comprised of a small group of exceptional and experienced teachers and a large number of budding pianists of all ages. In 2007, this effort culminated in the creation of the Parlando School for the Arts (Parlando). Parlando is the largest music school in Boulder and one of the largest in the state. In addition to over 325 piano students, Parlando offers music lessons and classes for all instruments, ages and abilities including musical theater.

Currently, Parlando has a student base of 650 students and a faculty of 50 of the region's best teachers.

ExCePtional teachers share a common philosophy - piano lessons should be fun!

In addition to making instrument lessons fun and exciting, we believe a strong musical foundation is a crucial life skill. Playing an instrument promotes creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and has been shown to increase the quality of schoolwork and scores on standardized tests. Further, this life-skill can aid in the learning of other instruments as well as give students the ability to pick up and play a piece of music - Even if many years have passed since their last lesson.

Unlike other methods and philosophies, Parlando faculty members encourage note reading as soon as students are developmentally ready. This, combined with learning how to read and interpret rhythm and dynamics leads to more independent and self-motivated students.


We offer ongoing private and group lessons and classes for all ages.


Parlando's Instrumental studio offers ongoing private and group lessons and classes.


Parlando's Voice and Theatrical studio offers voice lessons and classes.


Parlando's Early Childhood studio offers a variety of classes for young children.